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4R Systems: Providing Profit Optimized Inventory Solutions to Retailers

Over the years, the retail industry has seen new dimensions with more channels coming into the picture. With this evolution came the challenges to manage inventory in a way that the retail companies can ensure maximum profits. As omnichannel marketing grew to be a common scenario, more retailers realized that they needed improved inventory solutions. 4R Systems, a company that helps retail chains maximize profit from their omnichannel inventory investment, was born out of this need. Headquartered in Berwyn, PA, the company considers the biggest challenge for retailers is profit optimizing the supply chain. 4R Systems lets retailers ensure that every channel has the proper amount of SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) inventory at the right time. This maximizes profit withut the risk of overstocks. The company’s approach to success is the “Right product, Right place, Right time drives the Right profit.” Abiding by this, 4R Systems has garnered national retail clients that speak volumes about the company’s result oriented approach.
Founded in 1999 by supply chain experts Dr. Marshall Fisher and Dr. Ananth Raman, 4R Systems excels in maximizing profit without the risk of overstocks and excessive markdowns. Also the authors of the book “The New Science of Retailing: How Analytics are Transforming the Supply Chain and Improving Performance”, Dr. Fisher and Dr. Raman have applied their scientific algorithm to generate precise plans for retailers to manage inventory in an omnichannel environment. The scientific algorithms they’ve designed are the outcomes of their groundbreaking research on product life cycles with over 30 world-class retailers. Their idea was to enable the retailers to know how to buy, when to buy, and how much to buy.
The company specializes in providing precise solutions to the retailers with challenging inventory environments. They help retailers deliver better brand experiences through adequate availability of stock across all the channels. While doing this, they do not require any capital investment or additional IT resources.

The company specializes in providing precise solutions to the retailers with challenging inventory environments

Kevin Stadler, President & CEO
The inventory decisions made according to 4R’s proprietary algorithm prove to have the greatest impact on the probability of maximizing profits. 4R enables retailers to make the right inventory decisions throughout a product’s life. They help the retailers reduce lost sales by applying a proprietary algorithm to retail inventory.
The company has carved a niche for itself by being able to address retailers who have challenging inventory environments. “Moving beyond seasonal and fashion items, we can profit optimize every SKU in the omni-channel inventory, including high ticket, infrequently sold items, items with brand substitutability, and more,” adds Kevin Stadler, President & CEO.
Owing to their specialized services, the company counts as clients credible names such as Family Dollar, Pep Boys, The Vitamin Shoppe, Sur La Table, Hess Express, Crate & Barrel, Performance Bicycle, and numerous others. The outcomes of their services can be quantified as their customers soon see a considerable boost in the profit. Some of the testimonies of 4R’s standing in the market are Gartner’s Cool Vendor Award and being name-done of Philadelphia’s Top Software Developers. The company considers product development and geographical expansion as their major areas of focus in the future. With time, the team aims to deliver more comprehensive solutions to address the retailers who want to optimize their omnichannel supply chain. To be precise, they say “our clients want it, and we’re ready to deliver”.

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