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Direct Source: Creating Technology Solutions to Help Retailers Maintain a Competitive Edge

The digital revolution seems to be changing the way consumers make their purchases. Understanding customer expectations for both the digital and in-store experience – whether consumers prefer to shop interactively or independently – is now a significant focus for retailers. What retailers uncover will impact how the brand interacts with consumers, and how this changes their omnichannel retail strategies.
Direct Source was founded in 1992 in an effort to help tier one retailers infuse a digital experience into their operations. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Direct Source is a technology solutions provider operating under the expertise of Direct Source President Brad Fick. Their services include hardware procurement, software development, project management, configuration and staging, integration and installation. The company started its operations as a scanning and mobility solutions provider, and now offers technological solutions that help create a digital experience within the four walls of a retail store. Since its inception, Direct Source has evolved by identifying ongoing industry trends and technologies, with a focus on delivering technology solutions for retailers.
To deliver an improved customer experience, retailers must adopt strategies that bring more to the in-store experience. To know consumers’ preferences and expectations, retailers must understand how they use digital channels. Direct Source helps ease this task by taking a consultative approach to uncovering the right technology solution for each retailer, using their goals and objectives, future strategy, pain points, and retail initiatives and requirements as a guide.

Direct Source’s consultative approach uncovers the right technology solution for each retailer, using their goals and objectives, future strategy, pain points, and retail initiatives and requirements as a guide

Brad Fick, CEO
And with a long history in the retail sector, Direct Source provides unbiased and in-depth product knowledge and reviews. The company also focuses on delivering solutions that are designed to future proof technology investments.
In order to stay current with the rapidly evolving technology and mobile trends, Direct Source works closely with their manufacturing and technology partners. The team also works with retailers to create a digital map of how consumers use digital tools and devices to shop even before walking through the door – helping retailers determine what they can do with consumer insight around these behaviors and how it directly impacts the footprint of the store. Direct Source then works with the major mobility companies to design new products for the retailer’s needs.
With their approach to discover the right technology solution for each client, the company has created a vast client base. The company was named the Honeywell Scanning and Mobility U.S Partner of the Year in 2014. Additionally, Brad Fick was a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year® 2015 Upper Midwest Award. To continue its success, Direct Source will continue to stay up-to-date on cutting-edge technology and implement ground-breaking omnichannel solutions that provide a competitive edge to tier one retail companies. It will also focus on maintaining a superior service methodology alongside its commitment to deliver high quality within specified time and budget.

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