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Performance Team: Bridging the Gap between Retailers and Consumers

Craig Kaplan, CEO
In today’s fast-paced retail environment, retailers and wholesalers face the challenge of getting their products to their target destination at the right time and right place. Many retailers are turning to third party logistics providers (3PLs) to deliver the game changer that enables these retailers to not only meet, but exceed the speed to market and high-level service required to win in today’s ever changing marketplace. Performance Team (PT) is a pioneer in this industry with nearly 30 years of experience executing customized supply chain solutions for retailers and wholesalers that deliver best in class performance along with the flexibility needed to grow and expand across multiple channels and geographies.
The commercial network today under the influence of the electronic media over the years has provided a boost to demand and thereby the supply of commodities traded within. The supply chain as a result has experienced a huge transformation that has rocked the very foundation of the retail industry. Retail solution providers today are constantly seeking innovative ways to manage the retail supply chain. The major challenges these providers face is the consolidated delivery of the entire set of services encompassing the supply chain. PT showcases its know-how in three core aspects of the retail supply chain—Warehousing/Distribution, Transload/Deconsolidation and Transportation. These services are integrated in such a way that PT is able to deliver a truly end-to-end solution for its customers in a way few others are able to do. This enables clients to gain synergy and efficiency which would otherwise prove to be a daunting task.
Based in Santa Fe Springs, CA, Performance Team was conceived with the vision to innovate and accelerate their client’s supply chain. Founded in 1986, PT realized immediate success owing to its high standards of customer service it delivered to the retail and manufacturing sectors. After just one year of business, PT had garnered 40 retail and manufacturing customers. Capitalizing on this early success, the organization expanded its services to warehousing and consolidation of garment-on-hanger products, detailed quality inspections, and store ready preparation including pick-n-pack, and shipments to retail distribution centres. Over the years the company has evolved along with the rest of the industry as brick and mortar has been replaced by e-commerce and Omni-channel marketplaces. The company has built a world class management team to see it through the changing industry dynamics and ensure the company always puts the customer first.
Performance Team, through its three decade course in the retail sector has been able to cement itself in

Our core competency lies in our ability to leverage past experiences and understand current business requirements, to design, implement, and execute solutions that create value for our customers

the market and gain access to business Intel from the various verticals of the retail sector and by keeping constant vigil of the various changes in the market. PT uses this unique position within the market and the resources it has acquired over the years to analyse and draw insights on the industry which it then applies to its customers, ensuring they receive the maximum benefit possible from their outsourced solution. “Our core competency lies in our ability to leverage past experiences and understand current business requirements, to design, implement, and execute solutions that create value for our customers,” says Craig Kaplan, Performance Team CEO. The amount of insights PT has gained in its near 30 years of existence have truly shaped the company’s business model which enables them to see the market and business from the individual clients’ perspective to understand their needs and implement their expertise in satisfying their business requirements. Furthermore this experience aids the company to a greater extent in constantly refining and improving their operational potency.
Speed again plays a crucial role in the e-commerce dictated market-face of the retail sector, and has become a high priority to the purveyors of the various services and products in the industry. While speed may bring many monetary benefits to both the providers and consumers of retail services, it also leaves the industry vulnerable to loss in quality and improper business practises. These often slip under the radar and are scarcely noticed by the parties involved leading to long term losses. In such a market it is imperative for retail service providers to maintain an open and transparent business relationship with their customers thereby allowing them to understand every minute aspect of the transaction process. “We do this through a dedicated account management approach where we identify a single point of contact to look after all aspects of a customer account,” says Kaplan on PT’s business approach. A key feature of PT’s information technology is the Client Zone which provides clients with critical information such as inventory and order statuses, pick-up and delivery statuses, and many other standard reporting metrics the clients require. This web service is available to its clients 24/7 rendering them access even at the most critical of times. Through the Client Zone, PT’s clients have access to information, most sensitive to their business, including insights on inventory and order statuses, pick-up and delivery statuses, and all other standard reporting metrics that are crucial in tracking and monitoring their business.
A provider with twelve national hubs around the US, PT’s geographic presence is constantly growing with facilities located near the nation’s major ports, railroads and transportation gateways. The company seeks to continue its growth by relying on the same principles that have made it successful today, listening to its customers, delivering at each stage of the supply chain, and leading the industry when it comes to technology and innovation.

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