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SAS Retail: Delivering Retail Merchandising Services Amalgamated with Real Time Technologies

Technology over the years has turned out to be a major element for almost all the sectors. A business idea glued with technology creates a new outlook for businesses. Considering the same, SAS Retail Services offers retail merchandising solutions aligned with real time technologies. For over 3 decades, the company has served numerous fortune 500 CPG companies, Distributors and Wholesalers operating within the Grocery, Mass, Home/Hardware and Drug industries. Based in CA, USA, SAS Retail Services is a group company of Daymon Worldwide. The company ever since its inception has served 49 countries through 14 channels partnering with over 100 retailers and more than 5900 manufacturers.
SAS retail is a technology driven firm which offers in-store retail merchandising services to retailers and suppliers. The company aims to offer customized solutions including new & remodel store
and suppliers. The company aims to offer customized solutions including new & remodel store needs, large scale category implementations, assembly, audits & product Recalls, and a lot more. For all the services extended by the company, precise usage of right technologies is ensured. For every project bagged by SAS Retail, a team is deployed at the client’s site as and when required. These teams are equipped with wireless tablets for real time communication with the company’s centralized management team. These teams employ the proprietary software to carry out the project implementation. Their software solutions ensure to keep the clients informed about the comprehensive business metrics and provide analytical support. SAS Retail works on the idea of providing high-end retail merchandising solutions and at the same time keeping the customers aware, informed and empowered.

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