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STORIS Inc: Optimizing the Furniture Retail Industry through Technology

With the ascent of IT in today’s business environment, most sectors have realized the importance of adopting technology into their operations and the home furnishings retail industry is no different. A forerunner of this mission is New Jersey based retail software solutions provider STORIS Inc. Conceived in 1989, Don Surdoval and Ira Bakst were looking for a niche, vertical market to develop core competencies and expertise where they could render technological solutions to retailers. According to Co-Founder Don Surdoval, the home furnishing industry was an untapped sector in terms of strong IT infrastructure and there was potential to enhance operations and customer experience in the market.
STORIS solves many challenges commonly faced by furniture retailers. It is imperative for today’s retailers to maintain an omni-channel retail strategy to stand out from the competition. “Being able to differentiate benefits across all retail outlets, while still providing a consistent customer experience across your brand is imperative,” explains Surdoval. STORIS offers e-Commerce and mobile solutions with real-time synchronization of inventory, customer data and shopping carts. Mobile is also increasingly important to the tech savvy generations who are growing in purchasing power. STORIS’ e-Roam mobile platform enables staff to service customers from anywhere on your showroom floor, find the information they want quickly and provide exceptional service.
Managing a streamlined supply chain is also a necessity in today’s market. Expectations in delivery service are high. STORIS’ integrated POS and logistics tools optimize company-wide operations. Sales are immediately synced with distribution management to set realistic delivery expectations and meet those dates to delight customers every time.
In a dynamic market situation, knowledge and expertise of the home furnishings market becomes a crucial differentiator of STORIS. The partnership STORIS provides is unique because they offer a dedicated home furnishings industry focus, domestic support services, consistent ownership and unparalleled employee tenure. Retailers get a product supported by industry knowledgeable, experienced people across development, consulting, training and support.

STORIS puts special focus on R&D to keep ahead of market trends and develops software through a community centric approach

Douglas Culmone , COO
Enhancing software and introducing new releases to stay current in a dynamic environment is imperative in today’s tech environment. STORIS puts special focus on Research &Development to keep abreast with market trends and develops software through a community centric approach, which leads to numerous enhancements to the software in every release.
STORIS offers a multitude of services which includes a completely scalable, integrated and real-time Enterprise Resource Planning solution. Their solutions are comprehensive with features for Point of Sale, Inventory Management, Customer Service, Logistics, Accounting, Business Intelligence and more. Additionally, STORIS’ POS platform is streamlined and intuitive, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient customer experience. The organization also provides BI tools that aid clients to stay ahead of sales trends and demand forecasting. Software opens up portals for the retailers to glean into the consumer’s mindset and extract actionable insights that can assist them in delivering desired results.
Having established itself as a leading retail software provider for bedding, furniture, appliance and electronics industries, STORIS serves more of the Top 100 furniture retailers than any other software provider. With over 25 years of experience, this is only the beginning for STORIS. The company seeks to continue rendering world class services to its consumers. STORIS was ranked as #1 in work environment by NJBIZ magazine. They aim to maintain a positive work environment that helps attract and retain the best talent available. STORIS has become the company they are today by recognizing the importance of continuous improvements and making sure the best is always yet to come.

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